Hi there 🙂 My name is Christina and this is my life.  Let me first start of by saying this is not my first attempt at blogging, but unlike my past attempts I have a clear idea of what I want this blog to be and where I want it to go.  Basically this is just my life for anyone who is interested.  1724090_10153884082975343_2082132174_nI am obsessed with photography but have absolutely no training so you will get to see an amateur view of the world through my eyes.  I am also attempting a great weight loss journey, I have never before discussed this with many people but I’m hoping putting it out there for the world to see will give me the added pressure I probably need to actually stick with it this time.  There will also be the random personal (well it’s all personal isn’t it?) here and there most likely discussing nothing that actually matters.  I will also warn that I am not a writer and that I will make grammar mistakes and make them often.  I know the difference between like their, there, and they’re so I’m not that bad but I have a thing for run on sentences, commas and exclamation points!  I’m not often as excited as I sound but it’s a hard habit to break. So if you find me fascinating (ha) or just need a way to kill a little time check back and see what I come up with.  Or start taking bets on how long I will last before I forget I have a blog again.





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