My adorable family

So I still really don’t know what I’m doing with my camera but here are some random shots from the past few weeks of my husband, kids and dogs.  I’m pretty sure Vince regrets getting me a camera for Valentine’s Day.  ImageThis guy.

ImageRoxy RooImageBentley needs to be groomed like yesterday.


This is all they do.  I want this life. Image

The boys.


If you ask Mike what his favorite thing in the world is he’ll say “waiting for my sister’s choir performance”. Image

She never poses for photos so I take them while I can.  Here she is walking past me like she doesn’t know who I am before her concert.Image

She can hardly contain her enthusiasm.Image

Not the best picture I’ve ever taken but she wouldn’t let me take another.  Teenagers are the best.



Tara steals the show in this shot.  This is how she looks at me pretty much always.


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