I love french fries

and lattes and Portillo’s chocolate cake…ugh. Temptation is an evil little bitch. The whole point of weight watchers is to lose weight without depriving yourself but there are just some things that I’m not willing to waste my valuable points on just yet. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook you saw that tonight when Vince and I stopped at Starbucks so he wouldn’t fall asleep during the Hawks game we were handed an extra free cinnamon dolce latte just because the baristas were in a friendly mood. I immediately handed it to Tara (she was more than happy to take it off my hands). First of all if I’m gonna blow a meal’s worth of points that wouldn’t be my latte of choice and second right now I can’t justify blowing that many points for an evening latte. But I still wanted it, just like I wanted Vince’s fries the other night at dinner. Who knew I had willpower?! The only person I’m cheating is myself if I start back on the slippery slope to eating whatever I feel like eating. I’m not saying I’ll never have a latte, or fries, or even some Portillo’s chocolate cake at some point, but this early on I think saying “no thanks” is pretty beneficial to the process of teaching myself how to eat healthy. For now I’ll stick to my fruits and veggies as treats, as much as I love my indulgent treats I’ve never felt like crap after eating a banana…the same can’t be said for that chocolate cake.



One thought on “I love french fries

  1. You rock! This is so inspiring. The trouble, I feel, with the new system is that it allows for an additional set of weekly points… only making it easier to justify not-so-great choices. And like you said, it’s okay sometimes, but when you’re just getting into it, you’re more vulnerable… and saying no is a more difficult choice.

    But props to you for taking action to get healthy! This is so inspiring. It gets so much easier. And when it does, go ahead and splurge on the cake. You deserve it!

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