Sick sick sick

Spring is not treating the Pisciotto family well, while we very much appreciate the warmer temps we don’t really care so much for the flu and bronchitis that has taken over our home. So you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s why.

I got my butt kicked hard by the flu last week and just as I was getting better I was kind enough to give it to Tara. That has now developed into bronchitis for her and a very scary weekend for mom and dad with her temp hovering around 102 (on medication). The fever has broken but she still feels like she’s dying. Nothing sucks more as a parent than to watch your kid suffer. My kids are so much older now that they are pretty self-sufficient and can handle most things on their own. Tara could barely get out of bed this weekend let alone take care of herself, so I guess the only bonus from this is that my kid needs her mommy again and sometimes it’s nice to be needed. May is a busy month for my family, especially for Tara (so she better get well quickly). Lots of “lasts” for her as years as a middle school student come to an end.

Another bonus to being sick is that I lost 3lbs without trying last week. The first thing I thought of was that line from the Devil Wears Prada when Emily says “I’m only one stomach virus away from my goal weight!”. It might have been an “easy” 3lbs but I’d rather work out and eat right for those 3lbs any day than be that sick again.

With upcoming barbeques, graduation parties..etc I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it. It’s about the time in the weight watchers program where I start giving up. The results are slow but they are happening and that’s enough for me to keep going.


Happy Days Week 1

As promised (albeit several days late) I am posting pics from my first week of my 100 Happy Days challenge. So far I’m sticking to it!

Day 1: one of the first gorg days of the year definitely brought a smile to my face. Especially after having the worst winter I can remember.

Day 2: lunching with the world’s cutest nieces totally makes my day every time I do it.

Day 3: it could be because I’m still fairly new but I really really like my job. I’m honestly happy to spend my days here everyday. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that before.

Day 4: if these 4 don’t make you smile you might be dead inside.

Day 5: they drive us crazy but these pups bring us so much joy.

Day 6: in true Chicago form we got some late season snow…instead of crying about an insignificant amount of snow I made the most of it by throwing a snow ball at my son…because that’s the kind of thing that makes me happy.


Because I’m Happy

Do you have that song stuck in your head now? Me too…thanks Ruby Gaskin. 😛 Anyway I recently heard about this 100 happy days challenge thing and at first dismissed it. Who has time for that? Then I thought…who doesn’t have time to be happy? How ridiculous is that? Plus it gives me something else to blog about and that well…makes me happy. I won’t bombard you with daily posts (unless you follow me on instagram or facebook) but I will do a weekly compilation of what made me happy each week. Not only is this a great idea (who wouldn’t want to be happier?) it also gives me an excuse to play with my camera more. I’m a pretty happy person in general so I’m hoping this won’t be too hard for me to keep up with….we’ll see!

Interesting in joining me? Check out to learn more


Fitbit and puppies

So this is going to be kind of a weird terrible combo blog, getting healthy is such a big part of my life now that it kind of intertwines with everything.

First the happy stuff. I got the world’s earliest but best birthday present, I got a fitbit! My birthday isn’t until July but in support of my journey to getting healthy my awesome family thought I might like it now instead of waiting. I’m really glad they didn’t wait! If you don’t know what that is check out their website at basically it’s a really fancy pedometer but it does a lot more. It helps you set goals, track your meals (although I’m still using my WW app for that instead), it tracks your sleep and fitness and more. It’s pretty cool. I haven’t figured out how to add friends through the app so if you do let me know lol. So far I haven’t met the 10,000 step daily goal but I’ve come close, clearly I need to move more. And now I have even more motivation to do so.

So that brings me to my not so happy news. I usually sleep pretty well (at least I think I do) but the past few night have shown a horrible sleep pattern on my fitbit. Saturday night I woke up completely 6 times and got very little actual sleep. Reason being, my puppy is very sick and he kept me up all night. So okay he’s not really a puppy…he’s 9 but he’s my puppy. Bentley is my Pomeranian and he’s the happiest dog I’ve ever come across. Even now, he still wags his tail and gets excited to see me. The vet thinks he has cancer but is not 100%, if it is it has not spread to his lungs or heart so that is good news. The bad news is he’s pretty sick and I’m not sure how much longer we have with him. For now he is on various medications and seems to be doing pretty well. My heart is breaking, while he loves everyone in the house Bentley is my dog. I’ve never lost a dog like this. My first dog, a Maltese named Mickey, passed away at an old age years after I moved away from home. I wasn’t there and I hadn’t been for a long time. While that was still tough, I didn’t have to deal with the vet visits and the actual loss in person. Roxy, the first dog I got with my husband, is 14 and still going strong. She’s 5 years older than Bentley but acts much younger. So I’m not dealing with it until I have to. For now I’m enjoying my puppy and appreciating the time I have with him.