Sick sick sick

Spring is not treating the Pisciotto family well, while we very much appreciate the warmer temps we don’t really care so much for the flu and bronchitis that has taken over our home. So you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s why.

I got my butt kicked hard by the flu last week and just as I was getting better I was kind enough to give it to Tara. That has now developed into bronchitis for her and a very scary weekend for mom and dad with her temp hovering around 102 (on medication). The fever has broken but she still feels like she’s dying. Nothing sucks more as a parent than to watch your kid suffer. My kids are so much older now that they are pretty self-sufficient and can handle most things on their own. Tara could barely get out of bed this weekend let alone take care of herself, so I guess the only bonus from this is that my kid needs her mommy again and sometimes it’s nice to be needed. May is a busy month for my family, especially for Tara (so she better get well quickly). Lots of “lasts” for her as years as a middle school student come to an end.

Another bonus to being sick is that I lost 3lbs without trying last week. The first thing I thought of was that line from the Devil Wears Prada when Emily says “I’m only one stomach virus away from my goal weight!”. It might have been an “easy” 3lbs but I’d rather work out and eat right for those 3lbs any day than be that sick again.

With upcoming barbeques, graduation parties..etc I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it. It’s about the time in the weight watchers program where I start giving up. The results are slow but they are happening and that’s enough for me to keep going.


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