It was bound to happen…I’ve been seriously slacking on keeping up with this blog. No surprise here. I’ll be honest, I’ve been slacking in my weight loss too. I’m still tracking my points by my choices have been increasingly less and less healthy and while luckily I haven’t gained any weight…I’m kind of not losing much either. At least I know what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes you need to reset and refocus. I’ll admit I’ve been lazy. I’m so much busier at work than I was just a few months ago and by the time I get home I’m just done. I know working out and eating better will help me feel better all around but lately anytime I think about either I’m just like “meh”.

So before I slide back into bad habits I’m calling myself out and getting back on track. Realistically I’m probably a year away from my ultimate goal weight if I lose it in a healthy way…so there. I set an actual goal. On May 28th 2015 we’ll see where I stand.