My daughter knows more about makeup than me

I have a gorgeous daughter. I know I’m partial since I like made her and everything but really…as objective as I can be as her mother…she’s just stunning. It’s 99% thanks to me (kidding) and 1% her insane makeup skills. Here are a few pics stolen from her Instagram. I apologize in advance for the duck face overload…she’s 14…it’s like mandatory I think?

Let’s all flashback to our 8th grade days shall we? Yeah we didn’t look like this (or at least I didn’t). Thanks to the wonder of YouTube and some honest God-given skill, Tara has developed into quite the little expert. Now I’m not new to the world of makeup. I used to think I actually knew a lot…nope. Tara gives me beauty advice all the time…and I take it because 8th graders are mean but in an accurate way (thanks for the joke John Mulaney). Anyway here are some of Tara’s favorite video tutorials. Please note that I didn’t actually watch any of these all the way through so if there is something horrible in them then well…it’s Tara’s fault. And high five to the girl in the last video. I tip my hat to you and your teasing comb.

My Go-To Makeup Look | Casey Holmes
Getting Ready | Lauren Curtis
Everyday Spring Makeup | ciaoobellaxo