It was bound to happen…I’ve been seriously slacking on keeping up with this blog. No surprise here. I’ll be honest, I’ve been slacking in my weight loss too. I’m still tracking my points by my choices have been increasingly less and less healthy and while luckily I haven’t gained any weight…I’m kind of not losing much either. At least I know what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes you need to reset and refocus. I’ll admit I’ve been lazy. I’m so much busier at work than I was just a few months ago and by the time I get home I’m just done. I know working out and eating better will help me feel better all around but lately anytime I think about either I’m just like “meh”.

So before I slide back into bad habits I’m calling myself out and getting back on track. Realistically I’m probably a year away from my ultimate goal weight if I lose it in a healthy way…so there. I set an actual goal. On May 28th 2015 we’ll see where I stand.


Fitbit and puppies

So this is going to be kind of a weird terrible combo blog, getting healthy is such a big part of my life now that it kind of intertwines with everything.

First the happy stuff. I got the world’s earliest but best birthday present, I got a fitbit! My birthday isn’t until July but in support of my journey to getting healthy my awesome family thought I might like it now instead of waiting. I’m really glad they didn’t wait! If you don’t know what that is check out their website at basically it’s a really fancy pedometer but it does a lot more. It helps you set goals, track your meals (although I’m still using my WW app for that instead), it tracks your sleep and fitness and more. It’s pretty cool. I haven’t figured out how to add friends through the app so if you do let me know lol. So far I haven’t met the 10,000 step daily goal but I’ve come close, clearly I need to move more. And now I have even more motivation to do so.

So that brings me to my not so happy news. I usually sleep pretty well (at least I think I do) but the past few night have shown a horrible sleep pattern on my fitbit. Saturday night I woke up completely 6 times and got very little actual sleep. Reason being, my puppy is very sick and he kept me up all night. So okay he’s not really a puppy…he’s 9 but he’s my puppy. Bentley is my Pomeranian and he’s the happiest dog I’ve ever come across. Even now, he still wags his tail and gets excited to see me. The vet thinks he has cancer but is not 100%, if it is it has not spread to his lungs or heart so that is good news. The bad news is he’s pretty sick and I’m not sure how much longer we have with him. For now he is on various medications and seems to be doing pretty well. My heart is breaking, while he loves everyone in the house Bentley is my dog. I’ve never lost a dog like this. My first dog, a Maltese named Mickey, passed away at an old age years after I moved away from home. I wasn’t there and I hadn’t been for a long time. While that was still tough, I didn’t have to deal with the vet visits and the actual loss in person. Roxy, the first dog I got with my husband, is 14 and still going strong. She’s 5 years older than Bentley but acts much younger. So I’m not dealing with it until I have to. For now I’m enjoying my puppy and appreciating the time I have with him.



Over the past week a few people have told me that I have been inspirational to them and I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels to hear that. This started out as just a way for me to make myself accountable for my own actions, I never expected this journey to reach so many people and I definitely didn’t expect such an overwhelming outpour of support and love from friends, family and strangers. I feel like I’m not doing this alone, I have a sea of supporters there for me while I go through this transformation. That is an amazing feeling and an even better feeling is knowing that this has inspired others. You guys are the best and I mean that.

I have an incredibly inspiring person in my life who has also been on a mission to get healthy and let me tell you…she’s killing it. I mean talk about inspiration, it’s one thing to talk about it , it’s another to see someone transform before your eyes (I’m hoping I start transforming soon too…it’s still early lol). I hope to share her story soon, or maybe have her guest blog? We’ll see…first I have to ask!

In the meantime I have come across a few incredibly inspiring stories that I thought I would share.

This first one has made the rounds on Facebook so you may have already seen it but it’s too good not to share. I found this story about a military wife especially inspirational since I have been there, let me tell you it’s not easy being on your own when your spouse deploys, especially when you have kids. To do that and lose a life changing amount of weight is incredible, this woman is just amazing.

Military wife loses more than 100 pounds to surprise husband

This second link has a ton of helpful tips, I am obviously not following all of them but it has some great ideas. Check it out 🙂

Healthy-living: Worst way start diet

And finally this last video was shared by a good friend on Facebook, it actually made me tear up a little. This guy is no joke, they should play this video at gyms. If you only have time to click on one link this is the one to click on!

Relationship Inspired Weight Loss


I love french fries

and lattes and Portillo’s chocolate cake…ugh. Temptation is an evil little bitch. The whole point of weight watchers is to lose weight without depriving yourself but there are just some things that I’m not willing to waste my valuable points on just yet. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook you saw that tonight when Vince and I stopped at Starbucks so he wouldn’t fall asleep during the Hawks game we were handed an extra free cinnamon dolce latte just because the baristas were in a friendly mood. I immediately handed it to Tara (she was more than happy to take it off my hands). First of all if I’m gonna blow a meal’s worth of points that wouldn’t be my latte of choice and second right now I can’t justify blowing that many points for an evening latte. But I still wanted it, just like I wanted Vince’s fries the other night at dinner. Who knew I had willpower?! The only person I’m cheating is myself if I start back on the slippery slope to eating whatever I feel like eating. I’m not saying I’ll never have a latte, or fries, or even some Portillo’s chocolate cake at some point, but this early on I think saying “no thanks” is pretty beneficial to the process of teaching myself how to eat healthy. For now I’ll stick to my fruits and veggies as treats, as much as I love my indulgent treats I’ve never felt like crap after eating a banana…the same can’t be said for that chocolate cake.


Shopping Healthy

When you are changing the way you eat you also have to change the way you shop.  I used to just go up and down the aisles buying whatever I felt like grabbing.  Now I use a list, first of all I don’t forget things nearly as often and second I give myself plenty of cooking options at home.  I have finished the “Simple Start” program with Weight Watchers but I still use the grocery list as a guide for my own shopping.  I’ll be honest about this whole clean eating/healthy living thing, I’m pretty sure I eat more now than I did before I started this weight loss journey.  But I’m eating good stuff, I love fruits like mango and bananas.  I’m also a big fan of zucchini, tomatoes, and asparagus.  This is what I snack on now.  No more chips and I honestly don’t miss them.  My husband is not doing weight watchers along with me (he and my son are incredibly picky eaters) and so we still have stuff like ruffles and cheese its in our house…strange enough I have no desire to snack on them.  And it’s not that I can’t have them, I can as long as I account for them, I just don’t think they are worth it anymore.  My daughter isn’t a huge junk food person usually and is loving the change in our grocery list.  She is always more than willing to eat any of the healthy meals I cook and I’m hoping through this I am teaching her habits that will stick with her into adulthood.  So enough rambling from me.  Here is the Weight Watchers Simple Start Shopping List that I base my grocery shopping off of.  Of course I don’t buy every single thing on it and buy other things for the picky eaters in my house, but it’s a great start and it has really helped me navigate the grocery store with a healthier mindset. 


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The beginning

I had my son when I was 19, before that pregnancy I was never really overweight. I wasn’t skinny by any means but my mom used to say I was “healthy” also known as “just a little chubby”. I gained a lot during my pregnancy with Michael. And then continued to gain slowly through the years after. You can’t really blame your weight gain on your baby anymore when your baby is 12.

So before I go any further I have to explain why I’m attempting this seemingly impossible journey and why I’m sharing it with you. I have tried many times to lose a great deal of weight. I was kind of successful in the past with a 30lb weight loss in 2011 with the help of weight watchers and my best friends in Virginia. But then I moved back to the Chicagoland area and rediscovered pizza and Portillo’s and my mom’s home cooking. Before you knew it those 30lbs were just a distant memory. In the past I have tried to lose weight for an occasion or a trip…and I was also weirdly secretive about it. I never talked about it, never mentioned it in my many random Facebook posts. I think I was afraid of trying and failing and having everyone know about it. That’s why I’m blogging it this time. It’s time I hold myself accountable, and if I put it out there for the world to see then maybe I’ll get that missing motivation that I have lacked in the past. This time there is no deadline, no event to prepare for. I just want to get healthy and when I get there I get there. I have an incredibly long road ahead of me but I’m up for the challenge!

I have once again joined weight watchers. The plan did not fail me in the past…I failed me in the past. I love the way weight watchers works, it’s not a diet, it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle change. I remember in the past having a meeting leader say there is no end to this journey. You have to eat right and exercise forever if you want to get healthy and stay healthy. This is why they teach you how to eat healthier while still allowing yourself to indulge once in awhile. If you deprive yourself of something say like a chocolate shake, that’s all you’re ever going to want. You can’t ban things you enjoy, you just need to learn how to enjoy those things in moderation and account for them. I have just finished the Simple Start program (which was pretty great and I highly recommend you try if you are considering weight watchers) and am down 6lbs after two weeks. It’s not an impressive number but it’s a start and it is allowing me to remember that this does work if I stick with it. So here we go…let’s see if I can actually do this!